Men's Championship Division
Team and All Around

YEAR         HOST CITY                     TEAM WINNER

1938     Detroit, MI                  St. Paul, MI
1939     Fort Wayne, IN          Newark, NJ
1940     Newark, NJ               Newark, NJ
1941     Washington, DC      Germantown, PA


1954     New York, NY           West Side NY, NY
1955     Dayton, OH               West Side NY, NY
1956     Philadelphia, PA      Germantown, PA
1957     Poughkeepsie, NY   West Side NY, NY
1958     Fort Wayne, IN          West Side NY, NY
1959     New York, NY            West Side NY, NY
1960     Washington, D.C.     West Side NY, NY
1961     Brooklyn, NY              Germantown, PA
1962     New Britain, CN        Germantown, PA
1963     Skenectady, NY         Germantown, PA
1964     New York, NY             Germantown, PA
1965     Berkeley, CA               Berkeley, CA
1966     Dayton, OH                 Germantown, PA
1967     New Britain, CN         Germantown, PA
1968     Reading, PN              Germantown, PA
1969     New Orleans, LA       New Orleans, LA
1970     Oklahoma City, OK    New Orleans, LA
1971     New Caanan, CN      Baltimore, MD
1972     Chicago, IL                 New Orleans, LA
1973     New Orleans, LA       New Orleans, LA
1974     Seattle, WA                 Seattle, WA
1975     Dayton, OH                 Reidsville, NC
1976     Bethesda, MD            Reidsville, NC
1977     Charlotte, NC             Reidsville, NC
1978     Montclair, NJ               Reidsville, NC
1979     New Orleans, LA        New Orleans, LA
1980     New York, NY              Reidsville, NC
1981     - not held - women's only this year
1982     Los Angeles, CA        Competition held

Competition suspended due to lack of numbers -  there was an attempt to hold a separate competition in New York - no records have been found for this event     

1993    Tampa, FL      Festival Competition
2006 plus - Men included in competition in growing numbers - with sufficient participation championship competition will resume

1938, Jack Lattin, Detroit, MI
1939, J. Domereki, Newark, NJ
1940, Vincent D’Autorio, Newark, NJ
1941, Vincent D’Autorio, Newark, NJ

1954, Abie Grossfeld, West Side NY, NY
1955, Abie Grossfeld, West Side NY, NY
1956, John Pesha, West Side NY, NY
1957, John Pesha, West Side NY, NY
1958, John Pesha, West Side NY, NY
1959, John Pesha, West Side NY, NY
1960, H. Blickham, Fort Wayne, IN
1961, Jay Werner, Germantown, PA
1962, Ed Isabelle, Springfield, MA
1963, Ed Isabelle, Springfield, MA
1964, Marc Cohn, Germantown, PA
1965, John Pesha, West Side NY, NY
1966, Marc Cohn, Germantown, PA
1967, Marc Cohn, Germantown, PA
1968, D. Arnold, E. Lansing, MI
1969, Marc Cohn, Germantown, PA
1970, G. Anderson, Westchester, PA
1971, G. Anderson, Baltimore, MD
1972, B. Trott, Columbus, OH
1973, B. McGartlin, Charlotte, NC
1974, J. Kelch, Eugene, OR
1975, Y. Hijioka, Cuyhga Falls, OH
1976, James Guidry, New Orleans, LA
1977, James Guidry, New Orleans, LA
1978, Robt Campbell, Montclair, NJ
1979, Marvin Gibbs, Reidsville, NC
1980, Jon Levy, New Orleans, LA