The YMCA National Gymnastics Championships

The YMCA Gymnastics Championships began in 1938 in Detroit, Michigan.  Over the years, tens of thousands of gymnasts have competed in the Championships.

What started as a small event that drew the best gymnasts in the country, today the Championships draw over 1,000 competitors annually, with skill levels ranging from entry level to the upper levels of US Junior Olympic competition.

Perhaps what makes these championships unique is the multi-day format.  After the event kicks off with Opening Ceremonies,  the top level - or championship girls - compete over two days for the Team Title, and then a third day to determine Event Championships.  Level 8 girls compete twice, and all of the other levels compete once.

Most participants remember Y Nationals as fun!  It is a meet where gymnasts have time to get to know each other!  The same teams come year after year, and many participants end up as lifelong friends! 

Congratulation to Hanover for their 2nd consecutive Championship team title! 
Congratulations to the Lakewood Family YMCA for winning their 9th Team Title in 2009.  To see the team in action, watch the video below: